Isambard User Documentation

Isambard is a HPC service provided by GW4 and the UK Met Office. The system is funded by EPSRC and is one of six Tier-2 HPC facilities in the UK.

Isambard is a Cray XC50 system which comprises 10,496 cores, and is one of the worlds first production Arm-based supercomputers. Each of the 164 compute nodes contains two 32-core Cavium ThunderX2 processors running at 2.1 GHz, and has 256 GB of DDR4-2666 memory. The nodes are connected via Cray Aries interconnect with a Dragonfly topology. A Cray Sonexion 3000 storage cabinet provides 480 terabytes of Lustre storage.

System Status


24 Sept 2020

Dear users,

Good progress has been made with the upgrade to Isambard2. We are pleased to reopen service on the expanded XC50 Arm partition (up from 164 to 328 compute nodes, or 20,992 cores). We have also doubled the storage capacity to 1 PByte.

Work is now bring carried out on the 72 Fujitsu A64FX nodes which will be installed as a new Apollo 80 system. Also the Multi Architecture Comparison system is being expanded and we will keep you informed as to progress.

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